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30 Jun 2017

Committed to Love

by Ty Leese Javeh

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With dreams and aspirations of being a doctor, Peyton Mills left her childhood home in the upper-class society of Potomac, Maryland and moved to a more urban area: Baltimore, Maryland. She was attending John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Although, she moved into a luxury apartment in the more expensive part of Baltimore, she was intrigued by the street life that she knew nothing about. Until she fell in love with Osiris, a well-known drug dealer with dreams of owning businesses so that he could leave the street game behind. But greed and jealousy brings forth a tragic ending to his dreams.

Dreads, to the streets, was Osiris’ right hand man with...

27 Jun 2017

The Devil's Harp

by renny goonerage

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A surreal novella..."The Devil's Harp" is an auto-biography set in Australia's capital city, Canberra... this is the story of a person struck down by mental illness and an addiction to the the deadly illicit drug "ice". This tells of the dark world of horror and magic they venture into. The Lord, The Goddess and The Devil all play a part in this person's psychosis as he battles the secret military super-weapon that lives inside the television set.This is the story of how a person being compelled by the unseen , fought for his own survival against almost impossible odds..

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